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I'm a civil engineer and a lecturer in the Department of Real Estate and Construction at Oxford Brookes. Amongst others I have interests in problem-based learning (PBL) and improving the learning experience through the use of various technologies including 'Virtual Learning Enviroments', wikis and blogs. To be continued

Health and Safety in Construction – answers to some questions September 2009

In my lecture to Architecture Part 3 candidates on 9th September 2009 I invited the audience to submit any issues they’d like to raise.  These (see below) are the questions and my responses.  My responses are not necessarily definite  and … Continue reading

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Web Resources for Dissertation Students (CZ/BD)

Contents (hotlinks) Wiki for placement students Google Notes: (search for Google Notebook) Social Bookmarking – Mindmapping Free backups and retrieval   Wiki for placement students All placement students are required to enter two entries onto the Wiki.  Quotation … Continue reading

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CDM (2007): Do the new regulations increase the scope of client liability for construction?

In Building magazine (23rd August 2007) an article by Eleanor Harding had the title: “Clients responsible for construction deaths, warns expert”. It went on “Building site deaths could now be the responsibility of clients because of new regulations, according to … Continue reading

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Arch. Pt. III: Should a CDM co-ordinator be appointed for master-planning?

At the talk on 10th September 2007 we discussed whether the duty to appoint a CDM co-ordinator related to master-planning. Under the CDM a “project” “means a project which includes or is intended to include construction work and includes all … Continue reading

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Arch Pt. III: Who has responsibility for submitting Form F10 to the HSE?

In discusson somebody pointed out that the client has to sign form F10 – the form which has to be submitted to the Health and Safety Executive. This is true but but only to signify that they are aware of … Continue reading

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Arch Pt. III: Timing of the CDM co-ordinator appointment – before Stage D?

At my talk on 10th September one issue raised was whether the CDM co-ordinator appointment hinges on an ‘intention to build’ as signified by the starting of work on detailed design (Stage D). The CDM (2007) regulations state in Regulation … Continue reading

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Protected: Radio programme on cycle use in Beijing

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Interruptions, productivity and technology

I seem to have less time than ever to get on with things and I’ve wondered how much technology has had to do with it. IT’s benefits are clear, more access to more information, better quality of presentation, more communication … Continue reading

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Protected: MSc project management – download link for full student handbook with details

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Quotes from Rick Altman’s web article on ‘reciting your slides’

Quotes from: Rick Altman (2005) The Golden Triangle: Presenter, Audience and Slides, ‘Presenters University’, “…. Reciting your slides: If bad animation is the most inhibitive to connecting with your audience, this one is a close second. This creates any … Continue reading

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