About me – short resume

I graduated from Cambridge University in Mechanical Sciences and then qualified as a civil engineer having worked mainly with contractors.  My experience included working on the major Dinorwig Pumped Storage underground power station in Wales, and on offshore construction in the North Sea.  Having obtained an MSc in Construction Management at the Univerisity of Reading I moved into teaching at Oxford Brookes University. I taught a great many subjects to students of civil engineering and construction management before focussing primarily on the areas of construction procurement, project management and building science.


I have a great interest in teaching methods, particularly in problem-based learning (PBL) and how this can be combined with distance learning and various web-based tools such as ‘virtual learning environments’ (VLEs), wikis and social learning spaces.  I’ve been developing an interest in the use and misuse of Powerpoint (and other slide driven approaches to presentation) and its effect on learning.

I’m passionately concerned about environment matters and have a strong interest in the interfaces between urban design and transport.  Cities which are attractive to live in and have enough people living close enough together for there to be a rich mix of cafes, restaurants, lively open spaces, entertainment, education and employment opportunities within easy reach by bike or public transport could help reduce the need for car use.  They can also be wonderful to live in.  There are many admirable cities in continental Europe which approach this model.

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