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Quotes from Rick Altman’s web article on ‘reciting your slides’

Quotes from: Rick Altman (2005) The Golden Triangle: Presenter, Audience and Slides, ‘Presenters University’, “…. Reciting your slides: If bad animation is the most inhibitive to connecting with your audience, this one is a close second. This creates any … Continue reading

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Do slide-driven presentations enhance public speaking?

Speakers have become presenters and the use of Powerpoint (or other presentation packages) has become the norm. Powerpoint has transformed the way we prepare and lecture in not many years, sometimes for the better, but all too often for the … Continue reading

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Max Atkinson’s comments and advice about the use of Powerpoint

Max Atkinson (2004) ‘Lend me Your Ears’ ‘The slide-driven presentation that has become the industry standard model has resulted in a style of presentation that does little to inspire or enthuse audiences. The problem is at its worst when the … Continue reading

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